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Why Emily needs to learn French to live in Paris?

Recently the new Netflix TV series called ‘Emily in Paris has entered into our couch evenings at home. Inspired by the most-known clichés about France, Emily in Paris shows us the main handicaps a young American lady finds when she arrives for the first time in Paris. One of the biggest problems she finds when she starts in her new job, is the language. Not speaking French can be a big problem to solve the daily routine if you want to live in France.

Emily in Paris has opened a new way to understand why speaking English only is not always a solution to manage living and working abroad. European countries still remain very protective concerning their own language nowadays: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch… and so on. Even though more and more European citizens speaks English nowadays, specially the young ones, not knowing even a bit of their own language can be a problem. If you have decided to visit or to live in Paris (or France) someday, be sure that you will be need to know, at least, a bit of French before landing in that amazing country.

This is why we always recommend to follow the European Standards of the Language and try to reach the A1 level (for beginners) before moving to France.

You can find some of our French courses in Hong Kong, which will help you reach these basics of the French Language.

For more information about our courses, please refer to the following contact form for more info: Contact Form French Courses

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